New students participate in TUJ club workshop activities during Welcome Week. Photo by Alexander Hambas (TUJ Student)

Published Oct 3rd, revised Oct 6th, 2023

The undergraduate enrollment at the Japan Campus of Temple University (TUJ) has surpassed 2,100 students for the first time ever. The record enrollment during the fall 2023 semester underscores TUJ’s unwavering commitment to international education, practical learning, and prioritizing student success. In the heart of Tokyo, students from around the world are coming together to pursue a degree from a premier American university ranked among the top 100* higher education institutions in the United States.

TUJ’s enrollment trajectory has risen steadily in recent years despite challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the fall semester three years ago, enrollment has surged more than 70%. Student interest in TUJ has been fueled by TUJ’s global environment, personalized approach, quality, student outcomes, and affordability. A series of strategic initiatives addressing student needs has also helped boost enrollments including the launch of “Fly to Philly Program” that significantly reduces the cost of studying abroad, a new leadership academy, new academic programs involving technology and hospitality, an upgraded Bridge Program, and the introduction of “3+1 Program” of the Computer Science Program, all of which have enhanced students’ interest.

Reflecting on these achievements, TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson commented: “At TUJ, we are honored to see students from around the world gravitate to our campus. Our enrollment surge over the past three years is not just a coincidence. Rather, it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, the fostering of a diverse and inclusive community, and the creation of transformative learning experiences. As word spreads about the quality of our education, the global perspectives offered on our campus, and the supportive environment at TUJ, more students are recognizing TUJ as their destination of choice. Our dedicated faculty, innovative programs, and vibrant campus life have come together to shape a new era of learning, innovation, and cultural exchange in Japan.”

Welcomes More Faculty and Introduces New Facilities
As TUJ was preparing for the new academic year, many new students and study abroad students participated in Welcome Week during the final week of August. This year marks the first time TUJ welcomed students through Temple’s new Japan Entry Year Program. This program provides a unique opportunity for students accepted by the main campus in Philadelphia to spend their freshman year at TUJ and subsequently complete the remaining three years at the main campus. This experience promotes cultural immersion, language acquisition and global connections while enhancing personal and career growth. With campuses in Pennsylvania, Rome and Tokyo, Temple University offers extensive opportunities for internships and jobs, making it ideal for a well-rounded educational experience.

As the student body continues to grow, TUJ has expanded its full-time faculty members from the United States and around the world, enriching the university with their vast knowledge and expertise. TUJ is also introducing new facilities. Noteworthy among these is a multimedia classroom designed for video production. This facility concurrently serves to enhance the university’s newly introduced esports program. TUJ also acquired a new 90-room dormitory in Nogawadai, a neighboring district in Kanagawa prefecture. This dorm has been introduced exclusively for TUJ students to provide convenient access to the campus in Sangenjaya.

Tourism Program Kicks Off
Underscoring its commitment to providing a variety of academic opportunities and career pathways, TUJ formally introduced Temple University’s world-ranked and cutting-edge tourism and hospitality management degree program starting this semester. As the travel and hospitality industry continues to evolve in Japan, TUJ recognizes the need to offer students the skills and knowledge to excel in this sector. This dynamic field offers a series of career paths including entertainment venues, resorts, casinos, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, airlines, event planning companies, destination marketing organizations and tourism boards. Furthermore, the skills learned in this program are transferable to other industries, such as communications, sports, and even healthcare.

Building on the success of introducing the esports certificate program this year, TUJ is poised to continue gaining momentum during the new academic year starting this fall semester. The esports academic program acknowledges the rapidly growing esports industry and aims to provide students with the essential skills and academic knowledge to excel in this field. The courses will help students understand esports management, industry trends, legal and ethical challenges, social media engagement, and revenue production. Established in 1982, TUJ is the oldest and largest degree-granting branch campus of an American university in Japan. As TUJ enters its fifth decade in Japan and gears up for the current fall semester, the university remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive and vibrant learning environment. With its diverse academic programs, commitment to excellence, and ongoing growth, the university remains dedicated to upholding the highest standard of higher education in the heart of Tokyo.

Besides a variety of undergraduate degree programs, TUJ also provides graduate programs in education, business management and law. The university offers non-degree programs  through its continuing education and Academic English Program for children and adults. In 2005, TUJ was recognized by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and officially designated a Foreign University, Japan Campus.

* Temple University was ranked at #89 in the U.S. News and World Report in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges in National Universities.

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