TUJ Launches a Program to Complete Computer Science Degree by Studying for Three Years in Japan and One Year in the U.S.

Students studying in the TECH Center of Temple University in Philadelphia. Photo by Ryan S. Brandenberg

The Computer Science Program at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) launched a “3+1 Program” this fall semester. Undergraduate students in the program can earn a degree by studying for the first three years in Japan and completing the final year at the main campus in Philadelphia.

This is a shift from the previous “2+2 Program (studying for two years at each campus)” that improves the affordability and accessibility of the computer science program to students who are based in Japan. Still, students will be allowed to pursue the “2+2 Program” should they prefer to complete their degree by studying for two years at each campus.

The university recognizes the increasing importance of computer science. And launching the “3+1 Program,” paves the way for more students to study the subject at TUJ. These computer science programs provide students with a broad education in traditional computer science concepts including algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence and image processing.

“We are very excited to be able to offer an additional year of the Computer Science curriculum at TUJ,” said Yasuko Taoka, associate dean of academic affairs at TUJ. “In combination with the Fly to Philly program*, this 3+1 arrangement will provide students with unprecedented educational value. We recognize that students who come to TUJ are eager to complete their entire degree program here; this brings us one step closer to realizing that goal. ”

TUJ is planning to recruit additional faculty members to the computer science department, Taoka said. “We anticipate tremendous growth in the major and we are eager to have the best and brightest teachers join us in educating the next generation of programmers, engineers, and IT professionals,” she commented.

Developments at TUJ addressing student needs include the recently launched “Fly to Philly Program” and the upgraded Bridge Program. The university’s undergraduate enrollment has risen to a record high of more than 1,800 students in fall semester as many overseas students came to the Japan campus with the easing of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic allowing them to enter the country.

*Fly to Philly Program
To enable TUJ students to accumulate even more global experience, they can study at Temple University’s main campus in Philadelphia for one to three consecutive semesters (including summer semester) by paying regular tuition at TUJ. The program was created in an effort to make overseas study even more affordable for all degree-seeking TUJ students.

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