“Fly to Philly Program” Enhances Accessibility and Affordability to an American University Experience

Scenery of the main campus in Philadelphia

On a mission to expand opportunities for students seeking to experience international education both in Japan and the United States, the Japan campus of Temple University (TUJ) has newly introduced a program that will enable more students to travel and advance their global understanding.

TUJ is excited to announce its new “Fly to Philly Program.” This program facilitates affordable and greater access to Temple’s main campus in the United States. It enables TUJ students to save about 900,000 yen ($1=115 yen as of March 7) per semester when studying at the main campus in Philadelphia for a select period.

Temple University is a top-ranked global institution located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. TUJ students can take advantage of a liberal arts education entirely in Tokyo while pursuing an American university bachelor’s degree. They also have the option of studying abroad at Temple’s main campus or Rome campus. TUJ also offers exchange programs in other countries too.

Starting in May 2022, the new Fly to Philly Program will provide greater access to an affordable experience in Philadelphia. TUJ students can take advantage of the new program for up to one academic year (fall, spring, and summer semesters in any order). Currently, the full-time tuition for non-resident students at the main campus is about 1.7 million yen a semester compared with 795,100 yen at the Japan campus.

Undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester at TUJ’s Sangenjaya campus in good academic standing will be eligible to study at the main campus through this program. Additional requirements may apply depending on a student’s program of study. TUJ is excited to offer the program for the foreseeable future.

Students wishing to study in Philadelphia for longer than one academic year can shift their home campus. In such a case, the standard main campus tuition and fees will apply.

“Study abroad positively influences the career path, world view, and self-confidence of students,” TUJ Dean Matthew J. Wilson observed. “We are committed to provide TUJ students with distinctive international experience that prepares them for a global career. Studying in Philadelphia can broaden horizons, facilitate personal growth, and foster intercultural development. We hope our students will take advantage of this opportunity as valued members of the Temple University family.”

Temple University is an American public university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania founded in 1884. Temple educates about 36,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. TUJ educates nearly 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students from 57 countries in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. It is the largest and longest-running branch campus of a foreign university in Japan. It celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.