TUJ students taking a class in a computer room at the Tokyo campus.

TUJ students taking a class in a computer room at the Tokyo campus.

As the Japan campus of Temple University (TUJ) expands its student body and steadily cultivates opportunities to enhance academic excellence, globally minded TUJ students will have the option to complete an undergraduate degree in Computer Science entirely in Japan from September 2024.

For over a decade, TUJ offered a computer science degree with the requirement that half of the degree program needed to be completed at Temple’s Main Campus in Philadelphia. In 2023, TUJ launched a “3+1 Program,” enabling students based in Japan to earn their degree by studying for the first three years in Japan and completing the final year at the main campus.

Based on the overwhelming student response, TUJ is eager to launch the full computer science degree in Tokyo together with additional courses and faculty. Recognizing the significance of computer science in global commerce, Temple University’s degree program involves a comprehensive education in critical computer science concepts, algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence and image processing.

“We are thrilled to announce our intention to start offering the courses required to complete the computer science degree in Tokyo from the fall 2024 semester,” said TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson. “This expansion will enable TUJ students to complete a computer science degree entirely at TUJ.” 

Dean Wilson continued “we feel that the ongoing evolution of computer science offerings at TUJ aligns with our strategic goals and commitment to skills development. Also, it meets the demands of the marketplace and significantly enhances the academic experience for our computer science majors. It is an honor to provide students with a world-class computing education from a top-ranked American university in Japan.”

The latest transition will empower undergraduate students to obtain a degree in a 12th major program without leaving Japan. The university is evolving rapidly as TUJ’s undergraduate enrollment has surged in recent years facilitating the addition of new majors, minors, and academic certificates.

Fall semester in 2023, marked the inception of the bachelor’s degree in tourism & hospitality management at TUJ, a response to robust student interest in the curriculum and the ongoing evolution of the travel and hospitality industry in Japan. TUJ also introduced the esports certificate program in 2023, positioning it at the forefront of esports academic education in Japan.  

At the same time, TUJ remains committed to fostering opportunities for Japan-based students to study at the main campus through the “Fly to Philly Program” which significantly reduces the cost of studying abroad in the United States. TUJ students can also benefit from Temple University’s campus in Rome and its recently announced location in Kyoto, which will start operations in January 2025. 

Established in 1982, TUJ has excelled in building bridges between cultures and advancing the globalization of higher education. TUJ is the largest and longest-running branch campus of a foreign university in Japan. The Japan campus is the flagship Asian operation of Temple University in Pennsylvania, a top-50 public university with more than 360,000 alumni worldwide. At TUJ, enrollment reached a record high of over 2,200 undergraduate students in 2023, and it continues to grow. TUJ also hosts graduate and professional programs in collaboration with the Graduate School of Education, Master in Management program and Law program as well as non-degree programs such as Continuing Education, Corporate Education and the Academic English Program. TUJ was recognized by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and was officially designated as a Foreign University Branch in 2005.

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