TUJ's commencement exercise held in Tokyo.

 TUJ’s commencement exercise held in Tokyo. Photo by Anthony Smith (TUJ Student)

Updated: June 12, 2023

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) held its annual commencement exercise on May 19, 2023, at the Hitomi Memorial Hall of Showa Women’s University in Tokyo. More than 250 students attended the ceremony, where they were honored for their academic achievements and awarded their degrees.

The ceremony was attended by over 750 guests, including family members, friends, and distinguished guests from various fields. Guests included representatives from TUJ’s partner universities: Kosaku Dairokuno, President of Meiji University, Hideo Yamazaki, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Showa Women’s University, and Mariko Bando, Chancellor of Showa Women’s University. The atmosphere was celebratory, with the graduates donning their caps and gowns and posing for photos with their loved ones.

The keynote speech was delivered by Hiroyuki Tsutsumi, Corporate Executive Officer and SEVP CEO of the Japan region at Fujitsu Limited. Tsutsumi, who is also a member of TUJ’s board of overseers, praised the graduates for their remarkable achievements, particularly in the face of challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. He shared his perspective on the significance of embracing change and learning from mistakes in the fast-paced world. Many board of overseers members and prominent supporters of TUJ in the business community were also in attendance.

Richard Englert, the chancellor of Temple University, traveling from the main campus in Philadelphia, addressed the graduating students. A video was presented from the main campus, which had already held its commencement ceremony, to celebrate TUJ students. On behalf of fellow graduates, student representatives, Shunya Fukuda, bachelor of science in international business studies, and Merritt A. Rosen, master in management, addressed the audience. Full transcripts of the speeches are available at Graduation 2023.

TUJ awarded a total of 326 undergraduate and graduate degrees to the Class of 2023, composed of 281 for the undergraduate program (bachelor of arts and science, and associate of arts), and 45 for the graduate program (master and doctorate degrees).

On the eve of graduation, TUJ kicked off the “Four Zero” art exhibition and held a commencement reception to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The event was attended by many guests and was aimed to showcase the artistic talents of TUJ’s current students and alumni while honoring the accomplishments of the Class of 2023. The art exhibition presented a variety of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media installations selected by TUJ faculty, highlighting the immense creativity of TUJ students and alumni. The artwork will be open for public viewing between May 19-26, 2023.

Established in 1982, TUJ is a leader in international education in Japan, providing students with unique and immersive learning experiences in one of the most dynamic and exciting countries in the world. TUJ students expand their horizons while pursuing an American degree from a global top-350 university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For 40 years, Temple University has excelled in building bridges between cultures and advancing the globalization of higher education in Japan. TUJ is the oldest and largest branch campus of a foreign university in Japan. It was the first university to be officially designated a Foreign University, Japan Campus by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2005.

The graduation ceremony was streamed live on the internet so that family and friends from around the world could view it. The broadcast can also be viewed on the TUJ YouTube channel.

 Associate of Arts: 1
 Bachelor of Arts: 225
 Bachelor of Science: 55
 Doctor of Philosophy in Education: 4
 Master of Science in Education: 22
 Master of Laws: 10
 Master in Management: 9

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