The studio lights turned on at the Student Activity Studio, the newest addition to TUJ’s facilities

At 7:00 p.m. the studio lights are turned on and illuminate the end of the busy shopping street, Sangenjaya Sakae-dori, near the Japan campus of Temple University (TUJ). Inside, many students are practicing dance moves in front of a large mirror. This scene plays out almost every weekday. Welcome to the Student Activity Studio, the newest addition to TUJ’s facilities.

Students practice dance moves after class

TUJ’s Student Activity Studio, which officially opened in March, has been attracting many students who are keen to make use of the facility. The new facility is a hub of student activities, including dancing practices, yoga lessons, and table tennis.

Starting in the summer semester in May, the studio will offer undergraduate classes on weekdays. Furthermore, TUJ’s continuing education students will make use of the facility for classes including yoga and dance.

New satellite office where HR department is located

TUJ has also moved the Human Resources office near the Student Activity Studio. Since TUJ moved to Sangenjaya in 2019, the university has been working to strengthen ties with the local community.

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