Students and Alumni Engage in the Fall Semester Series of “Life After TUJ” Events

Assistant Dean William Swinton and panelists gather after the first series of “Life After TUJ

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) held its fall series of “Life After TUJ” events from November 10 to 17, 2022. Alumni from various industries were invited to talk to current students about their careers by providing useful tips on how to improve communication and networking skills for their future job-hunting activities.

The events were conducted over four days and grouped into such categories as Creative/Entertainment, Technology/IT and Government/NGO/NPO. A diverse group of panelists from various nationalities joined the sessions, not only from Japan, but also from four other countries. The first of the series was held on the evening of November 10 in the Parliament Student Lounge. TUJ alumni from various workplaces – a newspaper company, a recruitment firm, a securities company, and a financial institution – shared their experiences in a panel discussion.

Mizuki Endo, who graduated from TUJ last year, shared her experience of being hired by Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Co. during the coronavirus pandemic. She provided details on how TUJ’s Career Development Office aided her journey through the traditional Japanese job-hunting process, “shukatsu”. Her advice to current students was simple yet effective. “TUJ provides a lot of resources for students, so make use of these resources,” Endo said.

One of the most common concerns of students was what steps to take in their job-hunting activities. Two alumni — Mohamed Elwageeh and David Cortez – stressed the importance of trying different things during their college years in order to understand their passions and interests.

Elwageeh, senior client services manager at Robert Half, said that students should try different internships. He added that it is important for students to find out what they don’t want to do, as well as to understand their strengths. He said students need to test their different skill sets in various circumstances. This process should help them find a job that will be suited to their skills and interests. He said finding a job is similar to finding a partner, which is a delicate mix and match of personalities.

Cortez, news editor and journalist at The Japan Times, said that students should try to get as much experience as possible during their university years. “Even if you think a job is only remotely related to what you want to pursue, just do it,” Cortez said.

Kingsley Nwaehiulo, vice president of enterprise technology at Morgan Stanley, said he was delighted to see the great student turnout. Kingsley underscored the importance of education, and how the lessons he learned at TUJ aided in communication and presentation at his workplace. “While I was at TUJ, I didn’t miss even one class,” Kingsley said. He added that after all, there is truth to what professors say; discipline and consistency are crucial ingredients in the recipe for success.

More TUJ alumni were invited to three online career sessions held from November 15-17 with some of them attending from countries including the U.S. They came from various industries, including media, information and technology companies, as well as government-related organizations, who shared their experiences and provided hints for job-hunting activities. Participating students got opportunities to break out into individual rooms to ask specific questions on tips to get their dream jobs.

Life After TUJ Fall 2022
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Day 1: Various Industries November 10 (in Parliament)

  • David Cortez, Journalist/News Editor, The Japan Times, Class of 2018, Communication Studies
  • Mohamed Elwageeh, Senior Client Services Manager, Robert Half, Class of 2019, International Business Studies
  • Mizuki Endo, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Finance and Leasing, Class of 2021 International Affairs
  • Kingsley Nwaehiulo, Vice President, Enterprise Technologies, Morgan Stanley, Class of 2012, Economics


  • William Swinton, Assistant Dean, International Business Programs

Day 2: Creative/Entertainment November 15 (Online)

  • Ashley Kessler, Editing Coordinator, Genius Studios, Class of 2018, Communication Studies (Japanese minor)
  • Iori Kikuchi, Artist, Class of 2021, Art
  • Brittanie Maddox, Apprentice Editor, DreamWorks Animation, Class of 2021, Communication Studies (Art minor)
  • Gleb Torubarov, Video Director and Producer, TikTok/Bytedance, Class of 2016, Communication Studies


  • Ian Lyman, Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Day 3: Technology/IT November 16 (Online)

  • Stephen Batman, Software Engineer, Beacon Platform, Class of 2021, Economics
  • Maxim Nesterov, Associate Software Engineer, Vialto Partners, Class of 2022, Economics (Computer Science minor)
  • Jordan Sievers, Project Manager, Rakuten, Class of 2014, Film & Media Arts (Study Abroad Student)
  • LaShawn Toyoda, Software Engineer, IndustrialML, Class of 2010, Political Science (Study Abroad Student)


  • Dr. Yasuko Taoka, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Day 4: Government/NGO/NPO November 17 (Online)

  • Helene Larochelle, Representative Australia and New Zealand, Invest Quebec, Class of 2009, Business Administration
  • Thais Maemura, experience working with the International Criminal Court (ICC)​, Class of 2017, International Affairs & Political Science (Asian Studies minor)
  • Cristian Nicolescu, Minister Counsellor/Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Palau in Japan, Class of 2021, International Business Studies
  • Keishi Nukina, Project Manager, Playground of Hope, Class of 2014, International Business Studies


  • Dr. James Brown, Associate Professor, Advisor and Coordinator of International Affairs Major

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