Photography by Ryan Brandenberg / Temple University

Striving for student success and institutional excellence, Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) unveiled a new Strategic Plan in April 2021 through its new campus leader, Matthew J. Wilson, centered around a “truly international” mission and vision of putting forward a “students first” philosophy. Innovation, practical skills development, digital transformation, and partnerships are also key components of the plan. Major initiatives already underway include the recent launch of an “Emerging Leadership Program” for a select cohort of incoming undergraduate students, the introduction of over 170 new on-demand online courses and certificates for adult learners, and the addition of new academic offerings including a minor in Computer Science (CS), a minor in Information Science & Technology (IST) starting from summer semester 2021 and an online M.S. through our Main Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) in Information Science & Technology effective immediately.

Dean Wilson – Photography by Joshua Noel, TUJ Class of 2019

Since his arrival at TUJ in September 2020, Dean Wilson has infused new energy into his alma mater and sought to elevate the institution’s role in higher education in Japan and around the globe. As universities face challenges and look to adapt in this turbulent era, TUJ is focusing on equipping its students with critical skills, enhanced language abilities, and a world-class education in a dynamic international environment in the heart of Tokyo. “It is more critical than ever for TUJ to fortify its strengths, find ways to improve, and offer even greater opportunities to current and future students,” Dean Wilson said.

Goal #1: Exceptional Student Experience

In the new strategic plan, student success built upon institutional excellence is a top priority. TUJ will continue to offer a distinctive international experience for students from Japan, the United States, and other parts of the world. As an integral part of a globally ranked and powerful American university (nearly 38,000 students strong), the Japan campus of Temple University embraces learners with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and orientations, and provides a quality academic experience and innovative teaching. Fostering their professional development, TUJ will equip students with vital global competencies.

Goal #2: Global-ready students

Cultivating global-ready students through internationally-minded curricula, TUJ will further enhance programs and activities to create even more opportunities for students to develop practical skills, better communication abilities, and leadership experience that can immediately translate within the global workplace. Community involvement is also a key emphasis so that students will have chances to engage, serve, and network in the local area, as well as in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area.

Goal #3: Versatility

The elevation of institutional excellence depends on flexibility, innovation, and collaboration. Versatility includes growth of the student body, process improvements that support student success, and staff-friendly work approaches.

Goal #4: Innovation

Innovation is also a key to success— from new and distinctive academic programming that both meets today’s market needs and connects the world.  Moving forward, TUJ will make full use of the advantages of both online and in-person teaching, tapping into expertise on the Japan Campus and our Main Campus in the United States.

Goal #5: Strength, Opportunity and Leadership through Collaboration

TUJ achieved a plan set in 2009 to improve facilities and now has a campus in a traditional university setting through its partnership with Showa Women’s University. Seeking to provide students with an unparalleled international experience while having a positive impacting on society, TUJ has set its targets on further strengthening and enhancing its partnerships and collaborations at every level with industry, current partners, Japanese universities, high schools, and governmental entities.

Drawing on his experience as president of several American universities, Dean Wilson focused the strategic direction on “what can be done to elevate students and how do you continue to support internationally minded learners in the pursuit of their educational and career goals while encouraging a multicultural, cooperative, innovative, and entrepreneurial mindset.”