Emerging Leadership Program TUJ

With a focus on cultivating strong talent for the global workplace and enhancing practical skills, Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) will launch an innovative Emerging Leaders Program in the fall 2021 semester. In an ever-changing world impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is critical to offer top quality training to the leaders of tomorrow.

TUJ faculty and industry professionals will teach and train the student “Emerging Leaders” in the areas of communication, goal setting, motivation, team building, innovating, conflict resolution and others. Not only will the Emerging Leaders Program involve a credit-bearing leadership course for a select cohort of incoming undergraduate students, it will also engage these students through service opportunities in the community and participation in university event design and management. Emerging leaders will also have access to networking and other special opportunities.

“We are excited to roll out a new and unique leadership program,” said Dean Matthew J. Wilson. Inspired by his previous experience leading other U.S. universities, Wilson came to TUJ with the vision of building a practical leadership program that actively engages motivated students from the first day of their university experience.

Wilson observes that “students will have valuable opportunities to grow as leaders, interact with professionals, and develop life-long friendships while pursuing a degree at a globally-ranked American university.” He adds that “it is critical that we help students develop skills that will open doors and facilitate success.”

In the classroom, the Emerging Leaders will have chances to explore various models of leadership from a theoretical and practical perspective through the eyes of professionals in Tokyo. “Our guest speakers will include prominent business and community leaders,” said William Swinton, professor overseeing the leadership course and director of International Business Studies at TUJ.

“This course assumes that leadership can be learned. Anyone can become a leader at any point in their life. Leadership is not confined to titles and positions. Leadership is a relationship and a commitment,” said Swinton.

The Emerging Leaders will arrive on campus a week before the official start of fall classes, participate in an intensive leadership training, and become part of a team to assist with new student events and other activities during the semester.

“Engagement is one of the key components of this program,” said Nicole Despres, director of the TUJ Office of Student Services. “Emerging Leaders will plan a major student activity, get involved with the community, and exercise their leadership skills in their projects.”

Because this leadership program has been developed as a university-wide collaboration among faculty, staff, and other stakeholders, the Emerging Leaders will receive mentoring early in their university career. As part of the program, the students will be invited to a special dinner hosted by Dean Wilson as well.

“This program is an exciting opportunity for any student looking to quickly engage, acquire critical skills training, and make a difference going forward,” said Dean Wilson.