Photography by Showa Women’s University (January 2020)

Showa Women’s University’s Department of Business Design at Faculty of Global Business added to the “Double Degree Program,” Allowing SWU Students to Earn US and Japanese Degrees Simultaneously

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has agreed to add the Department of Business Design, Faculty of Global Business, Showa Women’s University (SWU) to its “Double Degree Program” offered to SWU.

This is part of an effort by Temple University and TUJ to promote the globalization of higher education in Japan. As an international contribution to Japanese universities, Temple University and TUJ have been focusing on providing educational assistance to the SWU students studying in the Double Degree programs with TUJ.

SWU students who complete this program will be awarded a BA in General Studies with a concentration in Economics from Temple University, and at the same time a BA in Business Administration from SWU.

In the midst of restrictions on overseas travels due to the global pandemic, it is a great advantage for SWU students to be able to take classes and earn a degree from a U.S. university at TUJ, which has a campus on the same university grounds, while still being in Japan.

SWU “Double Degree Program” Overview: Admission Requirements to TUJThis program is highly competitive in terms of cost with a special scholarship from TUJ, SWU students can earn a degree from both universities for the same tuition cost they would pay for studying for five years at SWU. This program, which allows SWU students to study for a total of five years (three years at SWU and two years at TUJ), began at the School of International Studies of Showa Women’s University in 2018.

With the expansion, SWU’s Department of Business Design will also allow students who meet the selection criteria to earn two degrees simultaneously from Japanese and U.S. universities from the 2020 academic year onward.

Since all classes at TUJ are taught in English, SWU double-degree students are required to meet the English and academic standards of “IELTS 6.0 or higher, TOEFLPBT 550 or higher, and have a GPA 2.7 or higher” before transferring to TUJ.

TUJ’s Partnership with Showa Women’s UniversityTUJ moved to a new building on the campus of Showa Women’s University in the fall of 2019, and students can take classes at Showa Women’s University regardless of gender, and credits can be transferred. In addition, there are many events such as “Nihongo (Japanese) Salon” and “English Salon” where students can interact with each other and the faculty and staff can hold joint events. Taking advantage of the university sites adjacent to each other, various multicultural exchanges are taking place where students, faculty and staff from both universities can learn and explore together.