TUJ’s Summer Semester Featured in NHK “Ohayo Nippon” (5/27 broadcast)

The summer semester, which started on May 25 at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), was featured in a popular morning program “Ohayo Nippon” on NHK in their May 27 news broadcast.

During the news segment, TUJ’s summer-only special options were introduced, including accommodating those students who had to return to Japan from overseas universities due to COVID-19 but wanted to continue their studies as visiting students at TUJ. An online class held by Communication Studies Associate Professor Ron Carr was covered as an example where Mayuko Sadanaga, a sophomore from Denison University, Ohio, is enrolled. Prior to enrolling at Denison, Mayuko studied English in TUJ’s Academic English Program.

Dean Bruce Stronach and Mayuko are both quoted in the Japanese article below:

帰国した留学生 アメリカの大学が支援 新型コロナ(American University to Help Returning Students due to COVID-19 )(NHK Web)

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