Students hold discussions in a continuing education course at TUJ's campus in Tokyo.

Students hold discussions in a continuing education course at TUJ’s campus in Tokyo.

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is enhancing its continuing education program by introducing new professional training certificate courses.

The upgraded certificate programs cater to the changing needs of students and demonstrate TUJ’s unwavering commitment to helping them achieve success in their careers and personal development. The university aims to unlock the full potential of its students in an increasingly competitive world by offering a series of new certificate courses, including language proficiency, global business management, legal studies, interpretation, translation skills, project management, and teaching English to Japanese learners.

“We took a bold step forward with our upgraded professional training certificate program,” said Paul Kates, director of the continuing education program and corporate education program at TUJ. “Now offering specialized courses including language proficiency, global business, and legal studies, unlocking endless opportunities for personal and professional growth in the modern world.”

Kates assumed the position in July 2023. With over 35 years of experience across various industries, including education, executive search, retail, restaurant management, sales and marketing and consulting. His appointment brings a wealth of valuable expertise to his new role. Prior to TUJ, he served as a senior consultant at Tokyo-headquartered recruitment firm The Ingenium Group and held positions at corporations including Whole Foods Market Inc. and Ernst & Young. In his current position, he focuses on transforming TUJ’s continuing education and professional training certificate programs, addressing the evolving needs of students and helping them unlock their full potential in an increasingly competitive world.

TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson expressed his excitement about the latest development in the continuing education program. “The key to a sharp mind, greater understanding, and new opportunities is learning. Through the new professional offerings in our Continuing Education program, TUJ is excited to facilitate learning in an international environment on the campus of a global top 350*, premier American university.”
* Temple University was ranked in the 301-350 group in the World University Rankings for 2023 by the Times Higher Education.

Details of certificate courses:
1) Language Proficiency: TUJ offers students the opportunity to pursue certificates in intermediate English language proficiency, high-intermediate English language proficiency, and advanced English language proficiency, allowing them to enhance their language and communication abilities.

2) Global Business Management: TUJ recognizes the importance of global business management and offers a comprehensive certificate program in this area. Students can specialize in subjects such as accounting and finance, general business management, human resources management, and marketing and communications. This program equips learners with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic field of global business.

3) Legal Studies: This certificate program is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of American law, Japanese law, and paralegal studies. Through this program, students can develop expertise in litigation, contract law, intellectual property, and legal research. They also have the opportunity to explore elective courses like international law, immigration law, family law, and more.

4) Interpretation and Translation Skills: These innovative certificate programs in these areas aim to provide linguistic abilities to individuals interested in pursuing careers as interpreters or translators.

5) Project Management: This certificate is aimed at enhancing learners’ leadership skills by mastering essential topics like Agile project management, resource management, and stakeholder engagement. The course allows them to customize learning with elective courses including risk management and team building.

6) Teaching English to Japanese Learners: Students will be able to cover essential topics like effective language teaching, lesson planning, and understanding cultural nuances. They can customize their studies with elective courses and receive a certificate upon completion, acknowledging their dedication to becoming skilled and effective instructors.

Since 1996, TUJ continuing education has served the lifelong learning and career development needs of tens of thousands of individuals in Tokyo and beyond. The program helps individuals develop skills that apply within Japan or internationally.

To find out more about the professional training certificate programs click: Professional Training Certificate Programs

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