TUJ students selecting clothes during the clothing donation campaign in TUJ’s Welcome Room

TUJ students selecting clothes during the clothing donation campaign in TUJ’s Welcome Room

The Tokyo Chapter of the Temple University Alumni Association and the student-operated Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) Program Board recently conducted a highly successful clothing donation campaign. This philanthropic initiative showcased their commitment to giving back to their alma mater and supporting TUJ students, while also making a positive impact on sustainability by reducing waste and promoting recycling in line with the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of numerous kind-hearted donors, including alumni, faculty and staff, students, and other community members, the clothing campaign achieved remarkable success. From May to June 2023, an impressive collection of about 70 boxes filled with clothing and related items poured in. To ensure that students not only had their practical clothing needs met but also to boost their self-esteem, the organizers arranged giveaway events during the summer 2023 semester. These events took place over two days in June and three days in July, strategically coinciding with the Dean’s De-stress Day (monthly food give-away), TUJ’s Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival), and the TUJ Arts and Crafts Festival.

This strategic coordination generated more interest from students and created a more vibrant atmosphere. The donated items included a wide range of fashion items such as t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, bags, accessories, and sportswear. Some luxury brand bags were also part of the donation.

“The overwhelming support from the community surpassed our expectations in terms of both the quantity and quality of the donated items,” said Geo Otsu from External Relations of the TUJ Dean’s Office. “Though we still have many uncollected boxes, we are considering hosting another giveaway day during the fall semester to provide fall and winter clothing for new students joining TUJ.”

Otsu continued, “Our goal is to build a stronger and more caring TUJ community, solidifying our position as a world-class higher educational institution. By coming together to support our fellow students and promoting a culture of giving, we can thrive as an inclusive and compassionate community.”

The giveaway event, which took place in TUJ's cafeteria, drew interest from students
The giveaway event, which took place in TUJ’s cafeteria, drew interest from students

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