TUJ’s Erica Adams receives an award at the annual Career Design Program

TUJ’s Erica Adams receives an award at the annual Career Design Program

The credit-bearing internship program offered at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has received recognition for its excellence at the 2023 Career Design Program Awards, acknowledging its contribution to students’ career development. This award is supported by various Japanese ministries including, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The internship program has provided students with opportunities to gain practical experience and engage in independent learning in their chosen fields. Erica Adams, the director of the career development office at TUJ, accepted the award at the ceremony held in May.

The internships span two to four months and require a total commitment of over 140 hours per semester. The program partners with about 100 companies and organizations, including private enterprises, non-profit organizations and government agencies. This diverse network allows students to explore various industries and align their internships with their individual interests and career aspirations.

The program follows a selection process that involves students attending a mandatory information session, choosing their preferred internships, completing application procedures, and participating in interviews. In their internships, students gain practical experience in real work environments. Throughout their internship, students receive guidance and support from TUJ faculty.

A unique aspect of the program is that both the participating firms and the students themselves contribute to the evaluation by completing an online survey. The evaluation system generates a unique career readiness report for each student, which enables them to reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement.

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