TUJ’s Undergraduate Enrollment Tops 1,800 in Fall Semester as More Overseas Students Arrive Amid Relaxed Border Restrictions

TUJ Dean Wilson talking with students in the cafeteria during Welcome Week.

For the first time ever, undergraduate student enrollment at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) topped 1,800 students as more new students from Japan and overseas began their studies.

For the first time in nearly three years, many overseas students converged on TUJ’s campus as the easing of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic allowed them to enter Japan, take in-person classes, and participate in extracurricular activities. Students arrived in mid-August and quickly immersed themselves in university activities including Welcome Week, which featured workshops and fun activities hosted by TUJ clubs and the Office of Student Services and Engagement.

To continue providing a world-class education to its growing student body, TUJ recently hired five new full-time faculty with expertise and extensive experience in accounting, economics, English literature and film, marketing, and international affairs. The university also added three new hybrid staff/faculty positions in art, general education, and communications. TUJ is also in the process of expanding its new program in esports.

TUJ welcomed the new academic year by adding new technology and new facilities such as hyflex classroom upgrades, a production studio for online courses, and new study areas including a large study room and semi-private spaces scattered throughout the building called “Owl Cove.” These are named after Temple University’s owl mascot.

TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson observed that “as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in Japan this year, the excitement surrounding TUJ right now is incredible.” Wilson continued that “we have so many students from Japan and around the globe who are interested in seeking a truly international education and an American degree at our campus in the heart of Tokyo. With the re-opening of the borders, we have seen an influx of students who will contribute to the future of Japan and positively impact the world as a whole.”

A total of 265 students abroad, many of whom were waiting to enter the country during the border restrictions, have arrived at TUJ since Japan relaxed the policy in March 2022. In addition, about 530 new undergraduate students joined TUJ this fall semester, including about 140 study-abroad students from Temple’s main campus and other universities. Overseas students were unable to enter the country for more than two years amid Japan’s immigration ban that was initially imposed in early 2020.

Although TUJ’s overseas students faced difficulties during the immigration ban and many of them decide to pursue studies in other countries, many navigated significant obstacles to continue their studies in Tokyo. As of last December, more than 350 TUJ students were waiting overseas. Many were studying remotely at odd hours of the day and night from their home countries.