Hooter the Owl’s first trip to Japan in 2019 Photography by Joshua Noel, TUJ Class of 2019

Temple University’s mascot, Hooter the Owl, is ready to go on the trip of a lifetime to Japan to bond the Main Campus and its Japan campus (TUJ) together, connecting students, alumni, faculty, and staff with a unifying symbol of “Temple Spirit.” Hooter is now expected to act as a U.S.-Japan cultural ambassador in the community.

Hooter the Owl is an essential part of sports and community events at the U.S. main campus. TUJ wants to purchase its very own Hooter the Owl costume as a twin brother and develop a permanent mascot program in Japan. Having Hooter the Owl as a full-time resident in Tokyo and at TUJ would support TUJ’s efforts to recruit and retain students, helping at open campuses and other internal and external events, and building community relations and interacting as TUJ’s cultural ambassador with Japanese mascots from other universities, organizations and companies.

Hooter the Owl was enthusiastically welcomed on the TUJ campus in 2019. Hooter fell in love with Tokyo and is now looking for a permanent home in the city. With your support and donation, we look forward to welcoming Temple’s favorite Owl.

Watch the video here to see highlights from Hooter’s first trip to Japan in 2019.