Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) and Musashi University have agreed to introduce a credit exchange program from this coming fall. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in 2009, the credit exchange program will provide students at both institutions enhanced educational opportunities as well as facilitating academic collaborations and exchanges.

Students who participate in this program will be able to take courses that are not offered at their home institution without having to pay extra tuition, and the credits from either institution will count toward graduation.

TUJ and Musashi University Begin Credit Exchange Program

For international students at TUJ who major in Japanese Language or Asian Studies, this program will provide excellent opportunities to challenge themselves by taking classes offered in Japanese at Musashi. They can also get to know more Japanese students through cultural exchanges. On the other hand, Musashi students will be able to approximate the study-abroad experience without leaving Japan by taking classes in English at TUJ, where international students comprise 60% of the undergraduate student body.

Students who meet set qualifications may enroll in classes at the host institution in one of two ways:

They may concurrently enroll in courses at both the host and home institutions (with no restrictions on the enrollment period, as long as they are registered as full-time students at their home institution), or
They may enroll at only the host institution (for a period of between one semester and one academic year).
Musashi students are offered all regular Undergraduate and Bridge Program courses at TUJ. Since all classes are conducted in English, students must meet the English language proficiency standard.

TUJ students are offered courses at Musashi in East Asia Studies (conducted in English), General Education (conducted in Japanese) and Physical Education. TUJ students who wish to take classes offered in Japanese must meet the Japanese language proficiency standard.

If prerequisites are specified for a course a student wishes to take, the host institution will look into the academic history at the home institution of the applying student and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. All credits accrued by taking courses at the host institution will be recognized by the home institution under set conditions.

This credit exchange program will start from the fall 2012 semester. Several participating students from each institution are expected for the first academic year.