Dean’s message
One year after the tragic events of March 11, 2011 our thoughts turn in remembrance to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, and we morn for them, their families and for Japan as a nation. But from winter comes spring, from tragedy comes hope and resurrection. Temple University stands with Japan in its time of need, ready to serve in the task of building for the future.

Bruce Stronach
Dean, Temple University, Japan Campus

“Fukkatsu no Uta” or “The Song of Rising”

Jack Klotz, a musician and a professor in the School of Communications and Theater at Temple Main Campus in Philadelphia, wrote a song to express support for those who have suffered from the 3/11 disaster. Klotz teamed up with Satoru Sasaki, a singer/songwriter in Japan, working to build the song around a basic musical idea. Sung by Temple students, staff and faculty, along with professional singers in Philadelphia and Tokyo, the song’s chorus offers inspiration as the nation continues its recovery.

Friends. Brothers. Hope. Future.

Friends. Brothers. Stand strong. Don’t be defeated.

Friends. Brothers. Hope. Future.

Friends. Brothers. Strength. Rising.

(Lyrics by Satoru Sasaki, Naoko Masuda & Jack Klotz, Jr.)

Temple Japan Relief Fund
If you like this song, you can make a gift of any amount in support of the Temple Japan Relief Fund and download the song. To make a gift, please visit the sites below.

Song offers a message of hope on the anniversary of Japan’s earthquake — An interview with Jack Klotz
I wrote the piece to tell the people of Japan that we’re with you and thinking about you. This project is all about collaboration among Americans and Japanese people in Philadelphia and people in Japan. So it’s not really just about an American taking time to write a song to deliver this message. It’s coming from a universal and personal place.”