Image of TUJ's main entrance in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (left) and image of an online class (right).

Image of TUJ’s main entrance in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (left) and image of an online class (right).

published Jan 9th, revised Feb 7th, 2024

As of Feb 7th, 2024, TUJ Graduate College of Education is postponing the opening of the admissions to the new PhD in Applied Linguistics cohorts. We will make an announcement with more details once it becomes available.

In a move to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility for students, the Graduate College of Education at the Japan campus of Temple University (TUJ) is gearing up to launch its online master’s and doctoral programs in education, starting from the fall semester of 2024. This will allow students three options based on their preferred learning format: in-person classes held on the TUJ campus in Tokyo, fully online from any location in Japan or around the globe, or a dynamic combination of both options.

Simultaneously, TUJ launched the new PhD online cohort and PhD Tokyo cohort. Both cohorts provide the option for in-person, online, or a blend of both styles, although the format of study can only be changed once per semester.

These programs lead to a PhD degree in education with a concentration in applied linguistics. Applications will be accepted from March 1 to April 12, 2024. The final selection of candidates will be announced by June 14, 2024, with classes beginning on September 6, 2024.

The online version of the PhD cohort opens up exciting opportunities for enhanced access, expanded networks, and enriched educational experiences for students. It also enables students to participate in classes from anywhere in Japan or around the world. Synchronous online courses foster the development of a robust learning community among participants, ensuring higher levels of engagement. Leveraging the expertise of our exceptional faculty in Japan, the TUJ Graduate College of Education will provide full access to global insights and specialized content integrated into its PhD program.

The majority of online master’s of education courses will be taught synchronously. However, three asynchronous online courses, referred to as “MC (Main Campus) courses,” will be taught by faculty from Temple’s Main Campus in Philadelphia. This approach aims to provide students with a broader global perspective and exposure to diverse educational practices.

The Graduate College of Education at TUJ has offered a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) since 1982. TUJ has also offered a doctoral program since 1988 that aims to promote research that enhances the understanding of the educational needs of English language learners. Students completing this program will earn their diplomas from Temple University, a fully accredited and internationally recognized school of education.

Over the last four decades, TUJ has made a significant positive impact on the world of education, not only in Japan but also globally, granting about 1,700 master’s degrees and more than 200 doctoral degrees. Graduates of the master’s and doctoral programs at TUJ have gone on to become teaching professionals at numerous Japanese high schools and prestigious universities. With the introduction of new online degree programs, this positive trend is set to continue and evolve to a new level.

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