Food Bank Groups Support TUJ Students in Need

Food Pantry lockers set on TUJ campus from this summer. Photo by Shigeo Otsu

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has partnered with two organizations — the Food Loss and Food Waste Reborn Center, and Hands-On Tokyo — on food drives. TUJ has accepted food donations since this summer from these groups to support students who are in need.

The Food Loss & Reborn Center donated food to TUJ that comes from inventories secured by food manufacturers and local governments as emergency supplies. The inventories include a wide variety of items such as mineral water, pre-packaged food, canned food, and alpha rice.

TUJ has set up food lockers for the donated food, other donated items, and items purchased by the university with donated money. The lockers are placed to ensure the privacy of the users.

Hands-On Tokyo is donating packages of food and daily goods such as rice, cereal, instant noodles, and toiletries such as hand soap, shampoo and toothpaste on a monthly basis. A group of volunteers from Hands-On Tokyo visited TUJ and handed out 40 packages to students who signed up for it.

Hands-On Tokyo supports TUJ students in various ways, such as providing Japanese lessons and offering part-time job positions. The group’s mission is to provide bilingual volunteer opportunities to foster volunteerism and develop leaders to serve the needs of the community.