Temple University, Japan Campus Revamps Website to Enhance Brand Integrity and Digital Experience

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website on November 11, 2021. The new website aims to improve accessibility, leveraging digital marketing and aligning the platform with the website of main campus in Philadelphia. The revision project started two years ago, and the transformation allows TUJ to create content efficiencies and enables easy access to essential information for TUJ’s external audiences.

“The new website will serve as a vital gateway to unify and enhance the Temple University brand widely across the TUJ community and audiences around the world,” said Ayako Morohoshi, director of the Communications and Marketing Support department at TUJ. “With a content management system, our website is faster, more secure, and easier to update. Japanese language function was added to the platform which main campus is using, creating more than 3,800 bilingual pages, so tailoring functions has been a challenge. Working together remotely, understanding Japanese language and its market aligned together with the U.S. team required efforts from both sides. This site is the culmination of many months and long hours of work by the teams of TUJ and the main campus.”

“Now, this new site will play an important role in helping people discover TUJ, will enhance our digital marketing activity even more, helping pave the way for users, and ultimately help prospective students choose an institution,” said Morohoshi, who has led the project. The website features more visuals to experience the atmosphere of TUJ more effectively.

“TUJ has always been an integral part of Temple University and grown double the size over the last ten years, but the renewal of our website was long over-due and had been a challenge,” said Chie Kato, senior associate dean, and associate dean of enrollment management of TUJ. “We are excited with the launch of the new site with the unified structure and look of the website of our main campus, representing Temple’s strong brand. With 60% of our students being non-Japanese and from overseas, it is important that the website is appealing to the local community as well as our audience around the world, and also flexible and timely to meet the needs of the fast-changing global environment that we all live in.”