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Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Hiroyuki Tsutsumi, President and CEO of Philips Japan, as a new member of the Board of Overseers*, effective March 31, 2021.
Mr. Tsutsumi is officially appointed by the Board of Trustees, the highest decision-making institution of Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

Mr. Tsutsumi has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and extensive management experience at global companies in Japan, Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Prior to leading Philips, he served as CEO of Samsung Electronics Japan and Senior Vice President of Cisco Systems.

Biography of Mr. Hiroyuki Tsutsumi, a new member of the Board of Overseers

Hiroyuki Tsutsumi

Hiroyuki Tsutsumi

Chief Philips Japan
Member of the Executive Committee, Royal Philips
Philips Japan, Ltd.

Hiroyuki Tsutsumi has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and extensive management experience at global companies in Japan, Europe, the U.S. and Asia. He has led business operations in B2B, B2C and B2B2C, devoting his energy to creating IoT (Internet of Thing) platforms and new business models.

In March 2017, he was appointed as President and CEO of Philips Japan. He is leading the company as a diversified solution provider in healthcare field by expanding multidisciplinary ecosystem partnerships and driving innovation in the increasingly digitalized healthcare environment.

At Samsung Electronics Japan Corporation, where he served as the first Japanese president and CEO, he was in charge of mobile phone and networking business. In particular, he focused on promoting the Galaxy brand and the mobile devices through enhanced marketing and PR activities and establishing next generation mobile networks.

While at Cisco Systems Inc., he was in role of Vice President of Emerging Solution Partner Business Development in Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China and responsible for solution portfolio development. Prior to this, he was engaged in service provider operations as Vice President in Cisco Systems GK in Japan.

Before Tsutsumi joined Cisco Systems, he served at NEC Corporation as secretary to the president and senior manager to develop overseas businesses including alliances and acquisitions and propel new business creation.

He is also committed to promoting IoT, education, and sustainability. He has been invited as a guest speaker at ICT-related summits and forums, and as an external lecturer at universities. He has been appointed as “Yamanashi Ambassador” since 2015.

Tsutsumi obtained a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Keio University in Japan and completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University in the United States.

TUJ’s Board of Overseers* is an advisory institution that brings together leading experts from outside the university to provide both academic and administrative support to TUJ. The Board of Overseers was established and authorized by the president of Temple University and the Board of Trustees in February 2011. The Board of Overseers also acts as an intermediary for organizations and individuals outside the university to enjoy a truly global education at TUJ.

Temple University is a public, comprehensive university located in Philadelphia, USA, with approximately 38,000 students and eight campuses including one in Japan. Times Higher Education ranks Temple University as one of the top 350 universities around the world. TUJ allows undergraduate and graduate students in Japan to complete their degrees from Temple University USA at an affordable tuition rate, without having to travel to the United States. Since its founding in 1982, TUJ has excelled in building bridges across cultures and advancing the globalization of higher education. With the support of the Board of Overseers, TUJ will continue to elevate learners to think globally, pursue their educational and career goals, and encourage a multicultural, cooperative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

* Board of Overseers: An advisory body common to U.S. universities, different from the “Board of Trustees” defined in Japan’s Private School Law.

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