This is TUJ
Created by TUJ Alumni Hirotsugu Yamamoto

Things may feel out-of-control all the time. We are still facing a lot of unknowns and disruptions. In late August, at the beginning of fall semester 2020, I felt it was a ‘back to school’ season like no other. High schools and elementary schools in Japan had been reopening since late June.

TUJ was probably the first university in Japan that had partially resumed in-person courses after the months of enforced closures. The health, safety and wellbeing of our students and university community is our top priority. I was confident that the TUJ system could protect the physical health of our students, professors and staff by taking proactive measures against the spread of COVID-19 which include requiring everyone to wear face masks, sanitize their hands, and maintain social distancing. I was glad that students were back on campus, they were taking positive steps to get back on track with their studies, and they were engaged in club activities. And I thought it was important to film and record the ‘new normal’ at TUJ and make people aware that the entire TUJ community is experiencing a good start to re-opening.

Shojiro Takemoto
Director, Domestic Admissions
Temple University, Japan Campus

The Admissions Office has put together a video to introduce TUJ under COVID.