Setagaya Ward Mayor visited Temple University Japan Campus

Mr. Nobuto Hosaka, the mayor of Setagaya City, visited Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), which is located in Sangen-jaya of Setagaya City on February 6.

In the short time since TUJ relocated to Sangen-jaya last August (2019), TUJ has already started to become involved in the local community. TUJ has been participating in neighborhood clean-up activities as well as the local “Sancha de Daidogei” festival in October and “Setagaya International Messe 2019” in November. In addition, TUJ has recruited volunteers for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics to host the Team USA for their training camp in Setagaya City. In November, TUJ held “Community Day,” an American-style festival to introduce the university to the neighborhood.

In February, second-grade students from nearby Nakazato Elementary School visited the TUJ campus as part of their social studies curriculum and toured our art gallery and the university library, and observed a university class. Later TUJ students conducted international exchange classes in English at the elementary school. TUJ is committed to more activities of this type in the future at elementary and junior high schools in the area.

In the past, TUJ has sent students to elementary and junior high schools in Minato City where TUJ was previously located. Programs for the students included lessons based on cross-cultural experiences. TUJ will continue to spearhead the university’s community-centered initiatives to foster a learning environment open to the local community for globalization efforts.