The Associate Dean ensures that students are receiving quality education at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ). A student writer, Adio Alexander, interviewed George Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA).

From Philly to Tokyo

In his first few months in Tokyo, George Miller has made a smooth transition from teaching at Main Campus in Philadelphia to being the new ADAA at TUJ. Japan is not new to him. Having family in Kyūshū, Miller has frequently visited Japan’s quiet countryside of “rolling hills” and “terraced farms.” What is new, however, is Tokyo. He mentions being impressed with how clean Tokyo is, as well as how it’s a global center of food, culture and style. “The best of the world exists in Tokyo. You can find it all,” says Miller.

Same Skills, Applied Differently

As ADAA, Miller’s job is to work with the faculty to learn about what students are learning, why they are learning it, and ensuring they are, in fact, learning. A longtime journalist, a university instructor and now associate dean – these may seem different, but for Miller the jobs are the same: “learn about the world and share what you learn.” All that changes is the audience, budget and product. Being the associate dean means “the same set of skills, but applying them differently.”

Education is a Dialogue

Miller believes in a learning environment where everyone learns from each other. Education is a dialogue, a discussion. He believes in casual, collegial relationships among students and faculty. “I’ll speak to you as equals, as peers.”

A Stronger TUJ

One of TUJ’s strengths is its diversity. And for Miller, TUJ is in a position to develop expertise on Tokyo, Japan and Asia as a whole with more programs and classes focused on these areas. “Then we can build and own something; capitalize on Tokyo and learning about Asia in a way no one else can.” In the same way, there couldn’t be Philadelphia without Temple, Miller wants TUJ and Tokyo to be inseparable.

George’s Extracurricular Activities

When Miller sets his administrative work aside, he can be found biking around Tokyo, probably not without his pocket-sized camera. He also enjoys music, live shows, jam sessions and baseball. He joined the Tokyo Eagles, a mixed team of foreign and local national players in fall. Having been a professional photographer, Miller knows a thing or two about cameras, and can be your go-to-guy for any tips or tricks. And be sure to keep an eye out for his monthly column on Tokyo life.

By Adio Alexander
Adio is a sophomore international business studies major at TUJ, interested in specializing in economics and world trade. She is trilingual — English, Japanese and Mandarin — and hopes to be able to speak five languages by 2020. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and watching old films.