Three TUJ students who interned at Dome Corporation had a round table discussion about their experiences. Dome Corporation produces and sells various sports goods, such as Under Armour, and sports supplements. The students have different majors and backgrounds. They talk about their internships — in finance, product management, and supply chain and marketing.

Kento from Japan:

“I’m majoring in economics. I’m interested in corporate finance so that’s why I decided to do an internship at Dome’s financial division.”

Anna who returned from the U.S.:

“I’m a psychology major in Temple University. At Dome I was in the product management department.”

Johnny from the U.S.:

“I’m an international business major. I worked in Dome’s supply chain and marketing department.”

Learn from the discussion:

  • The business reality they learned at the internship
  • Challenges they faced and how they overcame them
  • Different experiences students had at the same company