Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), offers an internship program as a part of its undergraduate curriculum. The internships at TUJ are mostly credit-bearing, semester-long programs, unlike those offered in Japan, which are mostly non-credit-bearing and are for a day or a week. With TUJ’s internship program, students get trained at a company for a semester (about three months and for a minimum of 140 hours). They gain valuable training and work experience and networking opportunities in various industries while earning academic credits towards their degree.

Benefits to Students

  • Gain practical work experience and expand professional network
  • Acquire basic business skills and manners
  • Gain insight into specific industries and organizations
  • Enrich resume with actual work experience
  • Possibility of receiving a full-time job offer

Benefits to Companies

TUJ’s semester-long credit-bearing internships bring many benefits not only to students but also to companies who host them. Students at TUJ are diverse, and they learn valuable lessons by interacting with other students from various cultures and backgrounds. As a result, students acquire the skills to adjust themselves to different cultures. In other words, students are ready in today’s global society. By hiring students with such global mindset, companies can gain international/global insights, fresh energy and perspectives, and make positive changes to their workplace. The internship may also function as a three-month training period which develops into possibly hiring a student in the future.

Comments from Employees

Employees at Dome Corporation, who started hosting TUJ’s interns in 2017, comment on the internship program:

It was an opportunity for us to really meet a lot of good students coming in the future.”

It turns out to be a three month interview process in itself.”

They provided fresh comments from an objective viewpoint.”

We gained valuable insights, such as the way modern students think, student activities, and social media trends among youth.”

A good opportunity for the staff members to take stock and think again about their jobs.”

For more of their comments and valuable insights from the company points of view, watch the interview video below.

Comments from Students

Please watch the student intern interviews to learn more about what our students experience at their internships.