Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has offered an American style liberal arts education in Tokyo since its launch in 1982. TUJ was the first foreign university to have a campus in Japan. At present, approximately 60% of 1,200 undergraduate students are from overseas (mainly from the U.S. and Europe). The students study one of ten majors with the same curriculum as at Philadelphia Main Campus. This piece, featuring the major coordinators, explores the ten majors offered at TUJ.

Self photo by Shinya B Watanabe
Self-portrayal by Associate Professor Shinya Watanabe.


“Grow Your Artistic Talent with an American Style Art Education”

TUJ’s art program offers a wide range of courses in visual arts from traditional drawing, painting, and printmaking to digital photography, digital imaging, and internet imaging. After completing foundation courses in 2D design, drawing, and 3D design, students specialize in a medium of their choice, analog or digital…

Portrait photograph of Professor Jeff Kingston
Professor Jeff Kingston. Photography by: Olga Garnova

Asian Studies

“Find Your Inspiration in Asia”

The Asian Studies major coordinator, Professor Jeff Kingston, motivates students to build on their interest in Asia and pursue relevant careers by helping them develop their knowledge of the region through his major. He draws on his fieldwork in his classes and shares insights developed over the past three decades of living and traveling in the Asia Pacific. Kingston’s own research is driven by intellectual curiosity and compassion…

Portrait photograph of Ronald Carr
Associate Professor Ronald Carr. Photography by: Olga Garnova

Communhttp://www.olgagarnova.communication Studies

“Getting Connected to the World with Communication”

It all started about a quarter century ago when Associate Professor Ronald Carr, then a sports and news producer at the American Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles decided to go on his first international journey. “Why Japan?” He confessed that it was a happy accident. His friend from the Peace Corps was stationed in Thailand, and another friend had been working in Japan for several years already…

Associate Professor Hady George Kahy. Photography by: Olga Garnova


“Making Sense of ‘Economics’ in a Complex World”

Professor Hady George Kahy, the Economics major coordinator at TUJ, loves to talk about economics and its role in our everyday lives. He says that every step we take is the result of some kind of economic decision: “Although we do not realize it […], every single person makes decisions […] very similarly to the way economics describes him.”…

Associate Professor Sachiko Horiguchi. Photography by: Olga Garnova

General Studies

“Expanding your possibilities with General Studies”

General studies programs are as old as European university education. They originated in the Middle Ages and aimed to give students a well-rounded education and prepare them for further specialization in one of three higher fields: theology, law, or medicine. Contemporary general studies programs continue this tradition. They are a great choice for students planning to go to graduate schools…

Photo of James Brown at the table, talking to the interviewer.
Associate Professor James Brown. Photography by: Olga Garnova.

International Affairs

“Understanding International Affairs in East Asia and the World”

It is hard to imagine anyone more suitable as coordinator of the International Affairs major at TUJ than a well-travelled polyglot devoted to political studies. Associate Professor James D.J. Brown is exactly this kind of person. When he is not teaching, he studies the intricacies of Russian-Japanese political relations. He speaks five languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. He has travelled and lived in several different countries, including the U.K., France, Spain and Japan…

Photo of Professor Swinton in his cabinet at TUJ
Professor William Swinton. Photography by: Olga Garnova.

International Business Studies

“Embrace the Challenge: Keys to Success in the Future International Business”

Professor William J. Swinton, Director of International Business Studies Program at TUJ, is a passionate educator. He cares about students and employs innovative methods and approaches to increase their chances of success after graduating. International Business Studies program prepares graduates for work in a multilingual and multicultural environment. Swinton places the most emphasis on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and getting firsthand experiences…

Image of Ryoko Osada
Assistant Professor Ryoko Osada. Photography by: Olga Garnova

Japanese Language

“Welcome to Nihon-go: Let’s Learn Japanese!”

TUJ offers Japanese major for non-native speakers of Japanese which comprises three types of courses: Japanese language skills, Japanese skill courses and area studies electives, and general education. The program aims to equip students with linguistic and social skills necessary for working and living in the Japanese cultural environment. It is a perfect choice for those who want to work in international companies targeting Japanese markets or plan to stay in Japan long-term and would like to become contributing members of local society…

Portrait photograph of Assistant Professor Masaki Kakizaki
Assistant Professor Masaki Kakizaki. Photography by: Olga Garnova

Political Science

“Studying Politics in Tokyo: From Asia to the World”

How do we govern ourselves in terms of local politics, national politics, and world politics? How can we participate in politics? How can we interact with and influence our governments? What is the best form of government? These questions are at the heart of the Political Science major at TUJ. According to its coordinator, Assistant Professor Masaki Kakizaki, there are no right and wrong answers: Different approaches and government systems have their pros and cons…

Photo of Suzi Zimmerman
Associate Professor Suzi Zimmerman. Photography by: Olga Garnova

Psychological Studies

“Searching for Clues: Understanding People and Cultures”

How do you imagine a psychologist? A nice lady or a gentleman in a cozy office talking with a client lying on a couch and pouring out their troubles? Suzi K. Zimmerman, associate professor and coordinator of the Psychological Studies major at TUJ, has a bit of this vibe about her, but counseling is not what her program is about. Nor is she a counselor…