August 23, 2011

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has announced a revised scholarship and grant program for incoming degree-seeking students. Amounts awarded range from 415,000 yen (matriculation fee waver) to approximately 5.1 million yen (about 78% of the 4-year tuition). Under the new program, scholarship categories are more narrowly defined to encourage a wider range of prospective students to consider applying.

TUJ’s new program consists of merit-based scholarships and need-based grants.

The new scholarship categories are based not only on academic merit, but also on the educational institutions that prospective students attend. These more narrowly defined categories make it easier for a wider range of students to consider applying. The minimum and maximum amounts of awards have also been raised (from the previous 100,000 yen and 1 million yen, respectively) thereby making the program more attractive to students with excellent academic performance.

TUJ has also introduced need-based grants to strengthen its support of applicants with financial difficulties.

The new scholarships and grants will be available for new entrants every semester beginning spring 2012 (Diamond Scholarship is available for fall semester entrants only). Those who wish to be considered for scholarships/grants must submit required documents by the eligibility deadline of each semester. Selections will be made by the Scholarship Selection Committee and results will be announced within one month of the deadline.

Scholarships and grants in each category below are limited. Please see here for eligibility details and the amounts to be awarded.

Merit-based Scholarships

  • Diamond Scholarship for students with academic excellence (fall semester only)
  • Dean’s Scholarship for students with academic excellence
  • Leadership Scholarship for students with academic excellence and evidence of leadership
  • TUJ Scholarship for students with academic excellence
  • Affiliated Schools Scholarship for students with academic excellence from TUJ-affiliated high schools and colleges
  • DoDEA* Japan Scholarship for Students with academic excellence from DoDEA schools within Japan
  • Language School Scholarship for students with academic excellence from language schools within Japan

Note: DoDEA: The Department of Defense Education Activity (a civilian agency of the US Department of Defense)

Need-based Grants

  • Tuition Grant
  • Matriculation Grant

In addition to the above options, Japanese students are also eligible to apply for the Goldman Sachs Mochida Scholars Fund announced last June that provides four years’ full tuition. A wide variety of support has thus been made available at TUJ to prospective Japanese students who are academically successful but financially challenged.

TUJ also offers various scholarships every semester for qualified continuing students.