Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is offering cultural and language programs to foreign students who are considering studying in Japan during summer vacation, as well as to international students currently enrolled at TUJ and other colleges in Japan. These programs will provide not only opportunities to boost Japanese language skills, but also chances to deepen understanding of and interest in Japan through its contemporary culture and arts.The programs will contribute to nurturing a new generation of Japan experts.

Three programs, each approximately 10 weeks long, will be offered from mid-May to late July. By successfully completing the courses, students can earn academic credits from Temple University. The Popular Culture and Tyler Art Programs are also open to Japanese students who are interested in studying these subjects in English with international students (applicants must meet certain qualifications).

Summer Institute: Studies in Japanese Popular Culture (5/17 – 7/30)

This annual program will be taught by distinguished faculty including TUJ sociology Professor Kyle Cleveland, who is often quoted on CNN and BBC; Roland Kelts, the author of “Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US”; and Patrick Galbraith, the author of “The Otaku Encyclopedia”. In addition to the lectures and classroom discussions, students will take field trips and participate in cultural events.

  • Summer Institute: Studies in Japanese Popular Culture
  • Tyler Summer Interdisciplinary Art Workshop in Japan 2011 (5/23 – 7/27)

    [This program has been cancelled. (Updated: April 1, 2011)]
    Highly ranked Tyler School of Art of Temple offers this special workshop for advanced students (juniors and seniors). The program features guest lectures by active artists, visits to galleries, museums and artist studios, and the production of artwork which will be exhibited at the end of the program.

  • Tyler Summer Interdisciplinary Art Workshop in Japan 2011 (5/23 – 7/27)
  • Summer Intensive Japanese (5/23 – 7/27)

    [This program has been cancelled. (Updated: April 1, 2011)]
    Two courses, Beginning and Intermediate, will be offered. Each is designed as a language immersion* so that participants may improve their language skills rapidly over a short period of time. These programs also include field trips to experience the popular, cultural, natural and historical sides of Tokyo and surrounding areas.

  • Summer Intensive Japanese Programs
  • Note: Some English instructions will be provided in the Beginner’s program.


    For program eligibility, see “Admission Application Requirements” or contact Admissions Counseling. Application deadline for students who reside in Japan is April 1.

    TUJ Admissions Counseling

    0120-86-1026 (within Japan)