TUJ students and residents took part in the previous year’s Matsuri at the TUJ cafeteria.

Students at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) will host the annual Summer Matsuri Festival on July 1, 2024. This event will bring together students, faculty and the entire TUJ community, while also inviting residents from the Sangenjaya district and the neighboring areas in Setagaya City, where TUJ is located. “Matsuri” is a Japanese term for a festival and it generally refers to a wide variety of civil and religious ceremonies in Japan.

The festival, which will be held on the first floor of the campus from 16:00 to 19:00, will feature food, games, live music and dance performances, offering a genuine taste of Japanese culture. Organized by the TUJ Program Board, the event promises warm hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees, providing students with the opportunity to enjoy the festive mood and make new friends.

This is the second year that the Program Board will organize the festival. Last year, many residents and children from the area, enjoyed the campus atmosphere, where the locals could experience the international environment and many TUJ students could engage with the Japanese culture by interacting with residents.

The TUJ Program Board is a student committee that organizes events for the TUJ student community, offering members opportunities to gain skills in project planning, budgeting, and event execution, promotion and public relations. In October 2023, it reached beyond the campus community during the Mikoshi carrying experience, held in collaboration with a neighborhood association. “Mikoshi” is a portable miniature shrine carried by the parishioners of a shrine during festivals.

TUJ students pose for a photo during the Matsui Festival last year.

The Program Board has hosted several art and craft festivals since last year aimed at supporting the talented TUJ artists. The event, last held in April, provided a platform for TUJ artists to showcase and sell their work to the TUJ community. All proceeds from the festival went directly to the artists.

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