TUJ Dean Wilson makes a speech at American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

On May 20. 2024, TUJ Dean Matt Wilson was invited to speak to members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) about the state of higher education and the role that Temple University has played in international education in Japan as an integral part of a top-tier American institution. This event featured a comprehensive overview of TUJ’s past and present achievements as well as its future plans, drawing an enthusiastic and diverse audience from both business and education sectors.

Dean Wilson’s presentation offered a detailed analysis of the current landscape of higher education in the U.S. and Japan, emphasizing the demographic and challenges both countries face . He shared TUJ’s history, highlighting how the university has navigated significant challenges over its 42-year history. Now, in 2024, TUJ has nearly doubled its undergraduate student population over the past three years despite the demographic headwinds facing higher education institutions. The presentation detailed TUJ’s strategic initiatives, including the establishment of a new satellite location in Kyoto and collaborative agreements with Nagasaki, Ehime and Yamanashi prefectures, which have garnered both national and international interest.

Key Highlights from the Presentation:

  • Enrollment Growth: In spring 2024, undergraduate enrollment reached 2240 students, nearly double the 1295 students in spring 2020 and almost triple the 811 students in the spring 2014, showcasing the university’s dynamic growth.
  • TUJ Kyoto: Plans for a new satellite location in Kyoto were unveiled, marking a significant expansion for TUJ, extending its educational offerings to a broader region.
  • Historical Challenges and Milestones: Dean Wilson recounted TUJ’s four decade history in Tokyo, navigating various challenges to become the first certified Foreign University, Japan Campus by the Japanese government in 2005.
  • Unique Education: How TUJ combines American education with a diverse, global student body and faculty. TUJ is committed to a caring community and a student-first approach.
  • AI in Education: Addressing concerns about AI in education, Dean Wilson provided examples of new student learning opportunities in the classroom, demonstrated AI-generated graphic design, and described strategies for effectively integrating AI tools in higher education.
Dean Wilson shares an artwork of an owl done by AI.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session where attendees expressed excitement and appreciation for the insights shared. The audience was enthused by the discussion on education and AI, hiring outcomes, TUJ’s role in globalization and more. The session provided a platform for meaningful discussions on challenges and opportunities in education in Japan and the US.

Dean Wilson, who rejoined Temple University in 2020, has driven these transformative initiatives, building on his previous roles at TUJ and his experiences as president of major public American universities in Ohio and Missouri in the United States.

About Temple University Japan Campus: Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) is a branch campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. Established in 1982, it is the largest and the longest running branch campus of any foreign university in Japan. TUJ offers American-style higher education in Japan and serves as a bridge between cultures, fostering global perspectives and understanding. In addition to undergraduate programs, the university has the Graduate School of Education (MSEd, PhD), Master in Management and Law Program (LLM), as well as non-degree programs such as Continuing Education, Corporate Education and the Academic English Program to serve a wide range of needs.

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