Panelists and moderator on the final day of the “Life After TUJ” event. Photography by Lydia Hon

Panelists and moderator on the final day of the “Life After TUJ” event. Photography by Lydia Hon

Students and alumni of Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) engaged in a series of panel discussions in the annual “Life After TUJ” event held from February 15 to 18. TUJ graduates from a broad range of workplaces, including international agencies and corporations, shared their experiences with TUJ students who were preparing for their future careers.

The event was held for four consecutive days. It drew a total of 146 attendees throughout the week.  Panels were grouped into five general industry categories – Technology, Psychology, Media/Entertainment, NGO/Government, and Finance/Consulting. Participating alumni included employees of Amazon, Deloitte Japan, The New York Times, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

“I enjoyed my time at TUJ so much,” said Dennis Jarvis, chief executive officer at Jarvis, who graduated from TUJ in 2013, took part as a panelist on the final day of the event. “I learned quite a lot to earn an economics degree. Quite surprisingly, I apply many of those principles in my job today in cryptocurrency. I have nothing but fond memories of TUJ and I’m really happy to be invited back.”

Ayami Ikeda, who graduated from TUJ four years ago, said she was excited to speak in front of students. “I hope my presentation was helpful to students,” said Ikeda of AIG General Insurance. She said her education at TUJ has helped her be flexible to work in the competitive insurance industry. “Working culture, ethics, and environment change very rapidly at my company,” said Ikeda. “This is good for me because the company gives me an opportunity when I want it. It’s challenging but it’s good.”

Blake Swift, a senior analyst at Deloitte Japan, said that it was great to see students having genuine curiosity about finance and consulting. “I feel that the students who are asking questions and the students who are engaged are the ones who will be successful,” he said. “When you look for a career, don’t narrow your career choices. Have an open mind and look for many things.”

Participants of “Life After TUJ” were as follows:

Technology Feb 15 (Tues)

Isadora Mara Gonzalez, Data Center Technician, Amazon Web Service; TUJ Class of 2021, Asian Studies, Art minor
Gal Manoach, Games Research Analyst, Plarium; TUJ Class of 2020, International Business Studies
Riku Sakae, Brand Specialist, Amazon; TUJ Class of 2021, International Affairs

Chie Kato, TUJ Senior Associate Dean, Associate Dean, Enrollment Management

Psychology Feb 16 (Wed)

Savannah Adams, PhD  Student / Graduate Student Instructor, LSA Department of Psychology, University of Michigan; TUJ Class of 2017, Communication Studies and Psychological Studies
Hana Takeuchi, Clinic Intake Coordinator, TELL; TUJ Class of 2021, Psychological Studies

Dr. Suzi Zimmerman, Associate Professor, Advisor and Coordinator of Psychological Studies Major

Media/Entertainment Feb 16 (Wed)

Michael Aaron Bonawitz, Game Planner, gumi; TUJ Class of 2020, Japanese Language
Savon Saint-Anthony Crisp, Video Production Crew Member, Innovative Language Learning; TUJ Class of 2020, Communication Studies (Production Track), Art minor
Cristina Marie Deane, Customer Success Manager, PechaKucha; TUJ Class of 2018, Asian Studies
Hikari Hida, News Assistant, The New York Times; TUJ Class of 2019, Political Science and Asian Studies
Daisuke Kikuchi, Staff Writer/Editor, Diamond Signal, TUJ Class of 2012, Communications

Shaun McKenna, Deputy Manager, Life & Culture Division, The Japan Times

NGO/Government Feb 17 (Thurs)

Lucia Chauvet, Policy Analyst, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); TUJ Class of 2012,  International Business Studies
Yoriko Nanpei, Foreign Service Officer, Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in Japan; TUJ Class of 2021, International Affairs
Tomomi Sekioka, Former Senior Communications Manager, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, International Monetary Fund (IMF); TUJ Class of 1999, Economics

Dr. James Brown, Associate Professor, Advisor and Coordinator of International Affairs Major

Finance/Consulting Feb 18 (Fri)

Stuart Busby, Senior Consultant, ABeam Consulting; TUJ Class of 2013, International Business Studies
Ayami Ikeda, Adjustor, AIG General Insurance; TUJ Class of 2018, International Business Studies
Dennis Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer,; TUJ Class of 2013, Economics
Blake Swift, Senior Analyst, Deloitte Japan; TUJ Class of 2015, International Affairs

William Swinton, Assistant Dean, International Business Programs