Newly accepted students can now take placement assessments at their convenience online, starting Fall 2018 enrollment. This allows level placement for academic writing and mathematics to be done remotely even months before the semester begins, which makes the course registration process smoother.

Especially Convenient for Students Coming from Overseas

Undergraduate program at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) currently has about 1,200 students, about 60% of whom are from the United States and about 60 other countries and regions. This international student body consists of students with diverse backgrounds and from a variety of education systems. As a Japan campus of a U.S. state-related university, TUJ does not hold a standard entrance examination like Japanese universities. Instead, it uses the same application process as the Main Campus in the U.S., screening applicants by assessing the application documents including transcripts of high school grades, scores in standard external tests such as the ACT and SAT, and essays. These students’ academic writing and mathematics levels will now be assessed by these Online Placement Assessments.

Until Summer 2018, TUJ’s paper-based Placement Test was administered during New Student Orientation. By making it available online and months in advance, however, students can now be assessed at their convenience and at their best, rather than shortly after they arrive jetlagged in Japan. For added convenience, students can also now re-take the assessments online — the academic writing assessment can be re-taken once, and the mathematics assessment can be retaken twice (students are required to spend a few hours on the Learning Module of the assessment system between each time it is taken).