Six upper-level TUJ art students will be featured in an upcoming exhibition titled, “Tokyo Trash Heap”. The exhibition is curated by Temple University student, Natalie Gearin and will showcase work created by students in TUJ’s Interdisciplinary Workshop. It will be held in the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku (Access) from April 18 – 20 and will feature TUJ art majors:

Tuesday, April 18 – Thursday, April 20
Design Festa Gallery Harajuku, East Building, Room 101b (Access)
External Link:
Design Festa Gallery

About the Exhibition

Tokyo Trash Heap is an interdisciplinary exhibition of works produced by students in the art program at Temple University, Japan campus. Much of the work in this exhibition incorporates themes or imagery from the city itself. Though each artist’s works differ in medium and subject matter, Tokyo is a unifying factor that sheds light on the interactions between each student’s creative process and their environment.