This fall semester twelve students attended the Dean’s List Luncheon for spring 2016 at TUJ’s Mita Hall. The event was organized by the Academic Advising Center as one way to recognize students’ academic excellence. Students making the Dean’s List meet the same criteria as that used at the Philadelphia main campus. Out of a total of 41 students, twelve attended with TUJ Dean Bruce Stronach, CAO Alistair Howard, and Professor Masaki Kakizaki.

Howard says, “The Dean’s List students are those with very high grade point averages. This means they are in the top 15% or so of their peer group including Philadelphia main campus. They have excelled in their major and General Education courses, and often graduate with honors. They represent the best and brightest of TUJ, and we want to recognize their accomplishments.”

“I was excited to make the Dean’s List, and the Luncheon was a really nice gesture from the school to celebrate their students’ accomplishments,” said Selma Tvedt, political science major senior from Norway. “We were able to talk to our professors as well as other students with similar accomplishments while enjoying a delicious lunch. It was overall a lovely event, and I am glad I attended,” said Tvedt.