Portrait photo of Dr. Stefan Lippert

Portrait photo of Dr. Stefan Lippert

The entire TUJ community mourns the passing of Dr. Stefan Lippert; tragically taken away from us in the prime of his life. Stefan was not only one of TUJ’s leading faculty members, but he was also a highly regarded scholar in the field of International Business. Dr. Lippert had been with TUJ since 2008 and was promoted to full professor in 2012.

Services are scheduled to be held in his home town in Germany on September 22nd (tentative).

with regret and condolences,
Bruce Stronach

Remarks from faculty, students and staff

Put simply, Dr. Stefan Lippert inspired each of us to be our best selves. With a sharp and curious mind, he challenged us as he challenged himself. His discerning taste, rigorous standards and modest demeanor were a model for students and faculty alike. He gave freely of his time and counsel. Stefan cared deeply about the success of each student, not just in classroom; but, beyond. I learned a lot from Dr. Lippert. I’ll miss his wry smile and the lilt in his step. But, his example of striving for excellence will stay with me always.

—William J. Swinton, Director, International Business Studies

Dr. Stefan Lippert was one of the most dedicated faculty members who taught courses for Executive MBA Program at TUJ and Singapore. Also, he has taught for IMBA students when they came to Japan as their last destination to complete the program. He took them to company visits and factory visits.

Whenever Stefan saw me in my office early in the morning, he always stopped by my office and said, “Ohayo Gozaimasu! You are already in. It’s a Goldman Sachs style!” In class, he told students, “Do not use font size smaller than 24 because corporate executives will not read your power point slides.” His courses were rigorous but EMBA alumni told me that they learned not only about corporate strategy or international business but also about how you should live. He will be missed by many of us.

—Mikiya Mori, Ed.D., MBA. Director, Executive MBA Program

In the short year I knew Stefan Lippert I was impressed by his intelligence, his drive, and his commitment to combining scholarship and teaching. He was a great asset to TUJ and will be missed greatly.

—Alistair Howard, Chief Academic Officer / Associate Dean, and Assoc. Prof. Political Science

Professor Stefan Lippert was (in my personal opinion) with no doubt the best (and the strictest) professor TUJ had during my studies there. His knowledge, skills, and most importantly his engaging personality towards the students made him by far the best one. He not only taught me academic business principles, but also countless other valuable life lessons including perseverance and business ethics. Receiving appreciation from him truly was the greatest feeling. He gave me the will to aim for what was beyond my imagination. Professor Lippert has definitely played a very big role in shaping me into who I am today in the best possible ways. And I cannot thank him enough for that.

—Sangaamaa Enkhtuvshin, B.S. International Business Studies, 2014

Please accept my deepest sympathy that Professor Stefan Lippert passed away. I had a great memory of him for the lecture of “Hidden Champions” and learned a lot. My thought is with him.

—Yutaka Katano, EMBA 2011

Looking back, now I know how much wisdom I learned from him. I will never forget the topic in our course of Managing the Enterprise from a Global Perspective (BA5804) – “how you should live”. My prayers are with him and his family.

—Miki Uchida, EMBA 2013

I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Lippert during the classes and also after graduation. He was mentor to me.

—Satoshi Hashimoto, EMBA 2013

Always mentoring and encouraging. I especially appreciated his enthusiasm, wit, and logic. He will surely be missed in the TUJ community.

—Mark Corley, EMBA 2012


—Yumiko Okazaki, Facilities and General Affairs, Mita Hall