Back in 2012, we introduced the TUJ Room interview series to commemorate TUJ’s 30th anniversary. It was hosted by Midori Kaneko, the chairperson of TUJ’s Board of Overseers (BOO), who invited the members of the Board to talk about business leadership, the importance of education, globalization, and more. Now we can hear more from them.

Our first guest for TUJ Room 2016 is Mark J. Davidson, Director of Government and External Relations, Amway Japan G.K. He has joined the board from January 2016 and is enthusiastic about supporting TUJ. “Now, as a Tokyo-based business executive, I want to help develop the ‘global human resources’ that Japan needs to prosper in the 21st century. Over the years, no institution has done more than TUJ to provide a world-class U.S.-style education in Japan,” he says in his inaugural message.

To start TUJ Room 2016, Midori Kaneko, the host of this interview series and the chairperson of the board, sends a message to TUJ students, alumni, future students, and their parents.

We, the members of the Board, are committed to support TUJ which provides great opportunities for students from around the world to receive high quality American university education in English without leaving Japan. We, as fans of TUJ ourselves, talk about globalization and leadership and the education necessary for the coming century. We hope the knowledge shared in our talks will help you when thinking about your life and future career. Welcome to TUJ Room!”

To view the future and past TUJ Room videos, please visit our YouTube channel below.