Starting in Spring, 2016, Temple University’s Ph.D. in Music Therapy and its Ph.D. courses will be offered at Temple University, Japan Campus in English along with master’s courses in advanced research and clinical practice (medical music therapy and music psychotherapy), supervision and ethics. The Ph.D. will be offered in a convenient format for working music therapists with intensive classes offered for a 1-2-week period during the spring or summer along with online learning throughout the year.

About the Ph.D. in Music Therapy

This degree, offered by Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance (“Boyer College”), is the first true Ph.D. in music therapy to be offered in the United States. The Ph.D. program has music therapy as the major area of study with its own core curriculum, supported by studies in research, music and related health disciplines. Objectives of the Ph.D. are to prepare individuals to conduct research and develop theory, in quantitative and qualitative research paradigms; provide opportunities for further development of clinical expertise in two areas: Music Medicine and Music Psychotherapy; provide opportunities to gain expertise in areas of specialization within the above two areas of practice (e.g., particular client population, methodology, or research paradigm); provide opportunities to develop expertise and skill in college-teaching and clinical supervision.

Individuals applying for the Ph.D. must: Have a bachelor’s degree in any music-related area or its equivalent; Have earned a master’s degree in music therapy or related area; Have professional certification in music therapy; Have at least 3 years of full-time clinical experience as a professional music therapist prior to the start of coursework.

For admissions information and the degree requirements, please see the Boyer College website.

For further information on the program, please contact Dr. Cheryl Dileo, Ph.D. Program Director at: cdileo@temple.edu