Photo: Temple University crest on gate at the Main Campus, Philadelphia.

The Beasley School of Law at Temple University, Japan Campus (Law School at TUJ) and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) have co-produced the first ever English training videos for JFBA lawyers. Consisting of twelve scenarios, the series is available on the JFBA member-only website as an e-learning program.

Responding to the increasing number of international conflicts in business and domestic affairs, the JFBA decided last summer to produce an online English training program to address the growing needs of Japanese lawyers handling global cases. At the JFBA’s request, the Law School at TUJ joined this project, and Director Finbarr McCarthy and Adjunct Professor Tina Saunders oversaw the production together with the JFBA. Four TUJ law students participated in these videos made by Kyodo Television.

Conceptualized by the JFBA, the series focuses on the following situations: “Networking at International Conferences,” “Meetings,” “Legal Consultations,” and “Telephone Conferences.” Each series includes three scenes with an example not only of how to conduct dialogues in English, but also of how to respond with cultural sensitivity, an approach which fully reflects the Law School at TUJ’s 20-year presence in Japan and its experience and competitive edge in international law.

Established in 1895, the Beasley School of Law at Temple University in Philadelphia, an ABA-accredited law school, has long been recognized as being among the best law schools in the United States. The School is known especially for its expertise in trial advocacy, legal research and writing, and international law. Launched in 1994, the Law School at TUJ, the only year-round, classroom-based, U.S. law program in Japan, has produced over 300 alumni who have earned an LL.M. degree or a certificate. In addition to educating local and international legal professionals, the Law School at TUJ offers a semester-abroad opportunity to U.S. JD students every spring, the only such opportunity in the non-English speaking world open to students from all U.S. law schools.

About the English Training Videos


Series Title:
The JFBA E-learning Series: “English for Lawyers”
Planned and Designed by:
Co-supervised and Edited by:
The TUJ Law School and the JFBA
Produced by:
Kyodo Television

Videos are viewable on the members-only section of the JFBA website.

Title List

Dialogue 1: Networking at International Conferences – Interacting with Lawyers around the World (Theme: Family Law)

  • Scene 1: Introducing Yourself and Communicating
  • Scene 2: Asking Questions to Speakers
  • Scene 3: Exchanging Ideas after Conferences

Dialogue 2: Meetings – Talking to Foreign Lawyers about Foreign and Japanese Law (Theme: Family Law)

  • Scene 1: Asking Questions about Overseas Divorce Proceedings
  • Scene 2: Asking Questions about Overseas Child Support
  • Scene 3: Explaining Japanese Divorce Proceedings

Dialogue 3: Legal Consultations – Consulting Foreign Clients (Theme: Labor Law)

  • Scene 1: Explaining Labor Law in Japan
  • Scene 2: Advising on Unfair Termination
  • Scene 3: Reporting Progress of Litigation and Discussing Further Actions

Dialogue 4: Telephone Conferences – Advising Overseas Companies (Theme: Distribution Agreements)

  • Scene 1: Discussing Distributor’s Breach of Contract
  • Scene 2: Video-conferencing on Breach of Non-Compete Agreement
  • Scene 3: Tele-conferencing on Progress of Litigation