November 17, 2011

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has begun accepting credit cards as a method of payment for undergraduate and graduate program tuition and fees from spring semester 2012 onwards. This additional payment option will increase convenience of financial transactions for students and their parents.

Credit cards are a very common method of payment at universities in the U.S. but the tuition payment method at TUJ, like most Japanese universities, has until now been limited to bank transfer. However, the need for credit card payment as a much easier option has been mounting as the number of international students reached 60 percent of the undergraduate student body, increasing parent demand for an easier option than international transfers when paying from abroad.

Payment by credit card will also alleviate myriad problems that arise from the several payments students have to make over a trimester system, especially when paying on a per-credit basis.

TUJ has been working with UC Card Co. Ltd., to develop a system to solve these issues. Now that tuition and fees of all credit-bearing programs at TUJ can be paid by either one of the most popular cards, Visa or MasterCard, students and their parents can choose a payment option that best fits their needs*.

Note: At the moment credit cards are accepted only for payments of tuition statements.