February 9, 2010

   Japan is a world power again. But this time around, the source of its influence isn’t political or economic might — it’s what scholars are calling the nation’s “gross national cool.” With Japanese design, digital technology, manga and anime, gaming, fashion, food and music looming as large as Godzilla over the global cultural landscape, Temple undergraduates will have an unprecedented opportunity this summer to learn about Japan’s pop culture juggernaut from the inside.

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The above story was written for the Temple University Main Campus and other US-based students, but this exciting summer program is also open to university students currently based in Japan.

Summer Institute in Studies in Japanese Popular Culture (May 24 – July 28)

Taught by distinguished faculty including Patrick W. Galbraith (the author of The Otaku Encyclopedia and co-founder of Otaku2.com) and Roland Kelts (the author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US). For more details, please visit the “Summer Institute: Studies in Japanese Popular Culture” page.

Japan-based students (including local TUJ students) and students applying from non-U.S. overseas countries may apply directly to TUJ in Tokyo through TUJ Admissions Counseling at ac@tuj.temple.edu or 0120-86-1026. Application deadline for those Japan-based students is April 1, 2010.