July 30, 2003

Tokyo, Japan, and Pittsburgh, PA, USA, July 30, 2003-Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is pleased to announce a major addition to its curriculum: The Temple Information Technology (IT) Program. This new program stems from a partnership between TUJ and iCarnegie, Inc., an educational affiliate of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., the world’s top computer science research and educational institution and software development training specialist.

The Temple IT Program, to be launched in September 2003 as part of TUJ’s Continuing Education Program, derives its curriculum and strengths from Carnegie Mellon’s expertise, particularly in software development. It is designed to meet the educational needs both of those new to the IT field and of experienced professionals needing to upgrade their skill sets. Participants in the program will gain certification widely acknowledged to indicate expert capabilities in the information technologies needed now and in the future. These capabilities are acquired through the Program’s iCarnegie-supplied blend of instruction and hands-on experiences, which are targeted to create long-term, career-building benefits for IT learners.

The Temple IT Program offers certification in two crucial IT underpinnings: computer programming and software systems development. By completing the required combination of five core courses, students earn the Certificate in Computer Programming and possess the know-how for jobs as C++ programmers, user interface developers, and Java/Web programmers. Students who complete a further five-course combination receive the Certificate in Software Systems Development, which will qualify them to be database developers, software engineers, and software project managers.

Flexible scheduling, individualized course work, and an Internet-based teaching platform enable working professionals to join full-time students in the Temple IT Program. Students attend class but are given passwords and log-ins to access iCarnegie’s Web site, where they can access all course materials, anytime, anywhere.

All teaching and coursework in the Temple IT Program will be in English. As a result, the program will help students develop the skills necessary to gain positions and promotions in multinational corporations and in the overseas operations of Japanese companies. At the same time, it will give companies a means of assessing and enhancing their employees’ abilities to handle complex IT tasks in English.

“This program combines Carnegie Mellon’s unique expertise as one of the world’s leading IT training universities with TUJ’s commitment to providing innovative, top-quality, English-language educational programs in Japan,” commented Kirk Patterson, the dean of TUJ. “In addition, it leverages iCarnegie’s blended educational approach and state-of-the-art curriculum. As a result, we will be able to deliver a truly unique IT training program that will quickly become the standard by which all other programs will be judged.”

“We are excited to be collaborating with TUJ on the Temple IT Program,” said Allan Fisher, iCarnegie President and CEO. “Through our partnership, we are able to apply the combined resources of Temple University, Japan Campus, iCarnegie, and Carnegie Mellon University to the education of world-class IT professionals in Japan.”

Further information on iCarnegie is available on the Web site: http://www.icarnegie.com
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