December 12, 2002

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is pleased to announce the repositioning of its long-standing Intensive English Language Program (IELP). Effective immediately, the program will be known as the Academic Preparation Program (APP) to emphasize the importance of acquiring the full complement of study and language skills necessary for success in an English academic environment.

Helping students acquire the English proficiency that they need for academic achievement has always been a TUJ objective. TUJ has offered English-language training ever since the Tokyo campus opened in 1982. The program has evolved over time to provide students with the complete range of skills, in addition to English, that are a prerequisite for undergraduate study. Students learn to think strategically, to thoroughly comprehend the content of university-level English textbooks and lectures, and to discuss their thoughts and deliver their ideas clearly and with impact. The new name, Academic Preparation Program, better reflects and more accurately describes how TUJ helps its students develop their academic skills.

TUJ views APP as the gateway through which students can pass to embark on their undergraduate studies. What differentiates APP from similar programs at other institutions is the high quality of instruction at TUJ. TUJ’s impeccable teaching methods and knowledge of local needs enable its students to obtain an excellent grasp of academic English and other skills in a short period of time.

The Academic Preparation Program at TUJ is open to everyone, not just those who plan to enter TUJ’s Undergraduate Program. It is therefore very attractive to students who intend to transfer to Temple campuses or other colleges or universities abroad.