ICAS video: Sex Crimes and Criminal Justice in Japan

Public lecture video by Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). This lecture was held on March 29, 2018. The speakers Setsuo Miyazawa, Professor Emeritus at Kobe University, Senior Professor of Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, and Adjunct Professor at Temple University, Japan Campus; Mari Hirayama, Professor of Law at Hakuoh University; and Hiroko Goto, Professor of Law at Chiba University Law School.

Event Description

Shiori Ito, a freelance journalist, filed a complaint against a male journalist who allegedly raped her in May 2015. When the prosecutor decided not to prosecute him in July 2016, she filed a complaint to the Inquest of Prosecution (Kensatsu Shinsakai) which has the power to issue a binding decision to prosecute, and held a press conference about her decision. This was an extremely unusual action for a rape victim in Japan. However, the Inquest of Prosecution upheld the decision of the prosecutor and this incident has raised serious questions about the responsiveness of the Japanese criminal justice system to sex crimes.


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