ICAS video: Racial Profiling Under the Color of Law

Public lecture video by Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). This lecture was held on February, 23 2017. The speakers were Catherine L. Pugh, F. Frederic Fouad, Ben Karp and Jane Taylor.

Event Description

Is racial profiling an effective law enforcement tool, an unequivocal infringement on civil liberties, or something in between? Law enforcement has wide latitude in determining how to seek out, deter, and stop crime. One of the more controversial tools in the enforcement community is the use of race as a key factor for who to stop and question about the lawfulness of his or her conduct. Laws such as Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Act or New York’s Stop and Frisk policy have at their core racial profiling for crime prevention. They are constantly under challenge by civil rights group for their disparate impact on communities of color. In today’s politically-charged climate, where fatal shootings of both suspects and police have ignited civic demonstrations, mobilized civil liberties groups, and engaged government oversight agencies, the question remains: are profiling practices effective or do they criminalize race – sometimes fatally – under the appearance of keeping the peace? Panelists address the provocative question of race-based policing, weighing its effectiveness against concerns for public safety and individual rights.


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