ICAS video: A World Without Alliances? Japan, NATO, and the Maritime Order in the Age of Trump

Public lecture video by Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). This lecture was held on December 12, 2016. Speaker was Alessio Patalano, Senior lecturer in War Studies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.

Event Description

During the electoral campaign, President-elect Trump spared no efforts in pointing out how members of core alliance structures – from NATO members to Japan – will have to do more to shoulder the burden of international security. Whilst the first weeks after the election have witnessed the President-elect reviewing some earlier statements, the question still remains as to in what ways the United States will continue to shape international security affairs. In no areas this is more critical than in the realm of maritime affairs, where the events of the past few years, indulging the emergence of Chinese maritime power and the return of Russian naval forces, have contributed to raise questions over the United States to retain maritime supremacy and with it, to maintain the existing international maritime order.


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