ICAS video: The Art of the Steal: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Persuasion and Propaganda

Public lecture video by Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). This lecture was held on May 9, 2016. Speaker was Nancy Snow, Adjunct Fellow at ICAS and Pax Mundi Professor of Public Diplomacy, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies(ICAS).

Event Description

The presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the Republican nomination has many valuable lessons to teach us, notably that the irrational, emotional and impulsive rule over the rational, sober and deliberative in devotion to The Donald. This is the year of the populist outrager-in-chief who has convinced many American voters that he answers to no one and that the press should come with its own warning label that reads “for entertainment purposes only.” How did a much despised billionaire defy all predictions to make it as far as he has in Election 2016? Join persuasion and propaganda expert Nancy Snow for a lesson in “The Triumph of the Trump Will.” If we do not understand Trump in the context of a modern P.T. Barnum, we are missing out on his power to influence.


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