ICAS Video: [Book Talk] Foreign Language Education in Japan: Qualitative Approaches edited by Sachiko Horiguchi, Yuki Imoto, and Gregory S. Poole

Public lecture video by Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS). This lecture was held on February 1, 2016. The panelists were Patrick R. Rosenkjar (Professor, English Education, Temple University Japan Campus), Gregory S. Poole (Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology and Dean, the Institute for the Liberal Arts, Doshisha University), Rieko Matsuoka (Professor, National College of Nursing), Tiina Matikainen (Instructor, English for Liberal Arts Program, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University), Sachiko Horiguchi (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Temple University Japan Campus), Akiko Katayama (Project Assistant Professor, Center for Global Communication Strategies, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo), and Yuki Imoto (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Foreign Languages and Liberal Arts, Keio University).

Event Description

Language education is a highly contested arena within any nation and one that arouses an array of sentiments and identity conflicts. What languages, or what varieties of a language, are to be taught and learned, and how? By whom, for whom, for what purposes and in what contexts? Such questions concern not only policy makers but also teachers, parents, students, as well as businesspeople, politicians, and other social actors. For Japan, a nation state with ideologies of national identity strongly tied to language, these issues have long been of particular concern. This volume presents the cacophony of voices in the field of language education in contemporary Japan, with its focus on English language education. It explores the complex and intricate relationships between the “local” and the “global,” and more specifically the links between the levels of policy, educational institutions, classrooms, and the individual.


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